‘F*cking My Stepson for Stimulus Check’: On Ideology + American Pornography

Alexis Zara, starring in MYLF.com’s production, ‘Fucking my stepson for stimulus check’

I Iso-Sex

II The Stimulus Economy

If you prefer, here is MYLF.com’s more succinct synopsis of the scene: Staying home with my stepmom, Alexis Zara, is driving me crazy. Watching her walk around the house has me dreaming of fucking her juicy MILF pussy. But the way I show affection is by playing pranks on her. I snatch her keys and shove them down my pants, I drop stuff on the floor to watch her pick it up, I even grab her stimulus check before she can get her hands on it! The only way she’s getting it back is if she lets me smash her MILF cooch like I’ve always wanted. I guess she doesn’t need to know that the check is actually made out to my dad…

III Money Fantasy

Daddy Keynes.

IV Step-Fantasy

Daddy Freud.

V Male Fantasy

The Betamovie BMC-100P
Gonzo pornography pioneer, Jamie Gillis.

VI Power, Loneliness & Individualism

Daddy Nietzsche.




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A. F. Cannon

A. F. Cannon

writer for realtime CEO, the startup and noteworthy. politics, philosophy, economics.